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Do Your Best!


Welcome to our website! Cub Scout Pack 1965 was established in 2017 to serve the families of the Clear Lake, Webster, Nassau Bay (and other!) areas.

​Our pack is open to all children in kindergarten through fifth grades (or ages 5-10). We meet each Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church in Nassau Bay.


The best way to find out what you do best is to do it. Throw a football. Catch a fish. Ride a bike. Set up a tent. Build a Pinewood Derby car. Shoot a bow and arrow. Launch a rocket! Cub Scouting offers boys and girls the opportunity to see and learn fun, new things that can’t be found anywhere else.

Pack Leaders

2020-2021 Leadership

Executive Committee

Chartered Organization Representative: Fr. Mike Stone
Pack Treasurer: Hilary Rodriguez
Pack Secretary: Dan Zwart
Pack Committee Chair: Zac Whirley

Scoutmaster: Hal Snapp
Lion Den Leader: Hal Snapp
Tiger Den Leaders: Cody Thomas, Meredith Levine, Omar Abotteen
Wolf Den Leaders: Dan Zwart, Colin/Elisa O’Neal
Bear Den Leaders: Mike Baine, Dawn Whirley, Mike Stone
Webelos Den Leaders: Jennifer Metz and Thomas Tripodi
Arrow Of Light Den Leaders: Dawn George and Zac Whirley

Webmaster: Elisa O’Neal


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